The Hall

Sept 24, 2020

The factors that determine the emotional impact of the world are the spatial form and the functional and social purpose of each element of space.

The project is intended to "place" a person in a hopeless environment in order to study his reaction to the influence of the unusual behavior of space.

VR installation, with which the user is immersed in an endlessly looming corridor.
The project was made using the tools of the VVVV Beta program, transferred to VR, and is interactive. In VVVV, the generation of walls, floor, and pulsating light was created, which produces a meditative and hypnotizing sound (panoramic).

As you sink, the walls of the corridor begin to deform, and when you turn your head back, the floor begins to collapse.

Project by Alina Ross
Led by Alexandra Gavrilova

Made in Far Eastern Federal University, –Da. Master Program in Digital Art. School of Digital Economics.