–Digitocene.Net is a decentralised community of artists exploring the world at the interplay of natural and digital. It is a transdisciplinary artistic research group with a strong interest in alternative ways of exploring reality through intelligent technologies, planetary scale computation, distributed and networked systems, non-human intelligence and synthetic cognition with an aim to develop a new sensibility towards the biological, geological, ecological, technological and algorithmic other, and shape a new aesthetic language for an ecosystem we belong to.

–Digitocene.Net group consists of artists, researchers and curators who met in the Far East of Russia within an academic project –Da and framed their vision through experimentation, discussion, and research by art practice. Digitocene’s geography extends from the Far East of Russia till Western Europe, creating a decentralised community of artists that activates distributed locations across Eurasia.

–Digitocene.Net team has been participating in a list of festivals, laboratories and research programs in Europe and Asia: MUTEK.JP AI Music Lab - Tokyo, Laboratory "Creating an Immortal Library" within the framework of the 5th Ural Industrial Biennale of Contemporary Art - Yekaterinburg, Code/Art Online Research Program - Switzerland, Global Young Academy - International Conference for Young Scientists. Their projects have been published and exhibited at the international museums, events and galleries as Zarya Center of Contemporary Art - Vladivostok, Arka Gallery - Vladivostok, Electromuseum - Moscow, Kuryokhin Center - St-Petersburg, 5th Ural Biennale of Contemporary Art - Yekaterinburg, Centre Pompidou - Paris, TAB BioTallinn Biennale - Tallinn, Hlebzavod - Vladivostok, Part of Russia's National Center for Contemporary Arts, NCCA - Yekaterinburg. They have been winners and nominees of international awards and festivals as “New Faces” award in the 22nd Japan Media Arts Festival, the Art of Neuroscience contest 2019 - Netherlands, the Sergey Kuryokhin Contemporary Art Award and Niio x AI Art Prizes among others.