SRS: qb/t1024

Spring, 2019

The srs: qb/t1024 object is embedded in a continuous canvas of several discourses at once - from modern criticism of the Anthropocene to the classical theory of chances.

The possibility that there is an independent agency inside the box is multiplied by the event, which here is the effect of a laser beam. By intervening in an object surrounded by a cubic form of material that reflects outwardly, the laser beam acts as the only human channel, invading the vacuum ecosystem created inside.

Mimicking the external environment due to the reflective material, the object creates all the conditions for the maximum independence of the system inside it. As a product of postmodernism, the object is devoid of other practical functions besides self-cognizing and self-reproducing. Being holistic
and a self-contained phenomenon, the object goes beyond the limits of human interpretations, remaining unknown to him. The system hidden inside is hybrid, pointless, and not accessible to sensory experience.

The structure of the cube consists of a wooden frame, acrylic with a mirror surface on the outside, and a system of mirrors from it inside. Four mirrors are located statically at the corners of the cube, one mirror in the middle rotates thanks to the mounting system according to the programmed random.

The system works thanks to two Arduino UNO microcontrollers, one of which is responsible for the rotation of two servos that regulate the movement of the main mirror along the X and Y axes, the second for the operation of the light sensor, when the laser beam hits which sound appears.

Project by pt9 art group
Led by Ivan Mitrofanov and Elena Mitrofanova
Text by Yana Gaponenko

Made in Far Eastern Federal University, –Da. Master Program in Digital Art. School of Digital Economics.