SRS: CS/T12706

Spring 2019

Object cs / t12706 is an example of a complex structure in which the interconnection of the environment and synthetic space can be characterized by an observer as a chaotically functioning system.

The features of his work can be considered in the context of the theory of dynamic chaos, in which a deterministic structure the exact development of events cannot be predetermined.

Exploring the construct of embodiment through the phenomenon of the environment, the project illustrates a nonlinear approach to determining the rules for the existence of a certain system, where information received from the outside forms the scenario of the object's functioning.

A fan-dimmed laser beam, passing through a series of refractive surfaces, activates the Peltier element. The climate created over time inside the transparent box forms
kinetic space, the existence of which is determined by events occurring outside of it. Thus, we observe the process of life of a self-closed system, where the transfer of information from the environment forms the climate inside the object. But despite living according to predetermined laws, it is impossible to accurately predict at what stage of existing space will be in a certain period of time.

Project by pt9 art group
Led by Maria Kuptsova, Eduard Haiman

Made in Far Eastern Federal University, –Da. Master Program in Digital Art. School of Digital Economics.