Jan 25, 2019

When you go down in an elevator, you never know who you will meet when leaving it. It could be a strange neighbor or a dog you are afraid of.

In this project, the elevator will take you to a completely different place that you definitely did not expect to see.

The project has two presentation options: the first option is to move to real places in our world, the second option is to move to the worlds created by the neural network.

The project was created using projection, buttons, and the Resolume program. The elevator projection depends on the buttons. When you click on a specific "floor", the elevator reflects specific content. In the second version (moving between the worlds created by the neural network), 7 different projections of a certain color range were prepared for each floor. So, the lower - the darker the world became.

Project by Alina Ross
Led by Pavel Parakhonich

Made in Far Eastern Federal University, –Da. Master Program in Digital Art. School of Digital Economics.