Analogue seed

November 2019

Steam and a computer, two non-organic agents, are interconnected. They are an isolated system and communicate through feedback. Both steam and computer become agents only during their communication. The darkness around the object makes the steam unseen when the communication does not happen. However, without steam, there is no light generated.
Generative graphics receive fresh impetus not through pseudo-random numbers and oscillators but through delegating the generation to a physical process, unpredictable in its motion. To some extent, the steam also is generative graphics. Thus it makes two generativities merged into one object.
The co-interaction by itself is vague for a human. It is an intentional attempt to distance from anthropocentricity even though the installation is its byproduct. This in fact makes the object also a byproduct of natural evolution as the human is.

Created in VVVV, the generated graphics with organic cells are projected on cold steam coming from a box. Directed on the steam, Kinect captures the shape of it along with the image projected on the steam. The received data influences the generating image - the more condensed, broad, and saturated with projection the steam is, the more often cell division happens on the projected image.

Project by Timofey Gorbatenko, Julia Kozhurina, Ivan Kumets, Anastasia Lukuta
Led by Alexandra Gavrilova

Made in Far Eastern Federal University, –Da. Master Program in Digital Art. School of Digital Economics.