April, 2019

Speculative future scenario

AROUND WHAT IS Utopia Pivoting?

Utopia is a speculative scenario for the development of the future, which revolves around two mutually reinforcing things:

The first is an ideology - "Ecology as Religion", which stems from a preoccupation with ecology, transforming into obsession today, at a time when the current processes and ideas that we ritualize daily are becoming an analog of traditional religion.

The second is a scientific practice as part of everyday life. Rationalization of each action on the basis of a scientific picture of the world, based on Vernadsky's reasoning about the perfect point of communication between the ecosystem and humans as the Noosphere - the highest stage of the biosphere, when humanity scientifically organizes its activities in order to harmonize relations between society and nature.

The human population is growing rapidly. The noosphere covers 90 percent of the environment. The unloading of the natural ecosystem is carried out through a scientific partnership with microalgae.

(audio: https://soundcloud.com/dafefu/utopia)

Project by Anastasia Egorova, Katerina Frolova
Led by Vladlena Gromova, Sergey Timofeev

Made in Far Eastern Federal University, –Da. Master Program in Digital Art. School of Digital Economics.