Adaptive Body

The part of the intellectual space that interacts with the environment is capable of expressing intentions, giving adaptive feedback, giving the architecture a reasonable context.

Intelligence as a concept does not have a strict definition, since it contains the duality of the rational and the sensual, which constitutes the understanding of "intelligence". A holistic system that has intentions can be unpredictable, built into the architecture, creates an intelligent environment, an adaptive hyper body. This scalable system organizes "collective intelligence" that can go beyond monosyllabic I / O interactions and create a sense of an intelligent environment.

Carbon dioxide sensors locate its main consumer: a person and send a signal to the compressor. Reaction - rapid breathing, expression of intention, and forms of arousal, anxiety that objects are in the environment. At the same time, breathing is an instinctive continuous process that is rigidly tied to algorithms, and the frequency
breathing is an intention inherent in the intellectual environment.

Project by Timofey Gorbatenko, Julia Kozhurina, Ivan Kumets, Anastasia Lukuta
Led by Maria Kuptsova, Eduard Haiman

Made in Far Eastern Federal University, –Da. Master Program in Digital Art. School of Digital Economics.