Spring 2019

Progressive hybridization of the human body and forced adaptation to changing conditions of the technological environment leads to information oversaturation. As a result, the perception of the environment ceases to be complex and is transferred to the construct of digital emptiness.

The genesis of digital emptiness is due to the inability to perceive the growing volume of data. The oversaturation of the human information field is the reason for the shift and out of focus of attention. Filling of memory spaces occurs by absorbing any incoming values ​​and converting them into metadata structures, the perception, and comprehension of which is blocked.

Emptiness can be viewed as a point of reloading and adaptation to the speed of changing information flows. It is a transition point, connecting the link between the dichotomous elements of life units. This is a substrate that exists at the point of connection of matters and does not have a specific physical value.

Project by pt9 art group
Led by Ivan Kabalin

Made in Far Eastern Federal University, –Da. Master Program in Digital Art. School of Digital Economics.