Olesya Ilenok

Interdisciplinary artist. Explores the urban environment using analogue and digital tools in her work. She works in various techniques: generative graphics and sound, dynamic light, clay sculpture, photography, collage, stencil, video.

Sergey Kuryokhin Contemporary Art Award Nominee in the category "Art in public space" with the project " “Come get around!" as part of the art group 4G, the winner of the competition "Art of Neuroscience 2019" (Netherlands) with the project "AF:CFFiIV" as part of the art group pt9.
She participated in the research project, the exhibition «After Us» and the special project «Ideal Exhibition» of the 5th Ural Biennale of Contemporary Art, as well as collective exhibitions in National Center for Contemporary Arts (Yekaterinburg), Electromuseum (Moscow), Center for contemporary art Zarya (Vladivostok), ArtServatory (Khabarovsk).
Coordinator of "ZAHVAT AIR", international Vladivostok situational art residence.

Born in 1991 in Kurgan. In 2012 she graduated from the Yeltsin Ural Federal University with a degree in advertising. Participant at the Young artist laboratory at the Ural Branch of NCCA in 2018. In 2020 she graduated from the FEFU (Vladivostok) with a master's degree in "Digital Art".