Marina Muzyka

Marina Muzyka is an artist working in the field of technological art. She graduated from the Master's program Digital Arts at the Far Eastern Federal University. Currently, he works at ITMO University at the Faculty of Technological Management and Entrepreneurship in St. Petersburg.

The artist works/performs both with individual projects and in collaborations with other artists, for example, as part of the pt9, 4Ж art group, Digital art.
Combining an architectural background in her artistic practice, as well as an interdisciplinary approach, Marina explores the topic of user-space interaction with the help of generative graphics, video art, and media installations.

Marina is a participant in Russian and international exhibitions, laboratories, and workshops. As part of the pt9 art group, she became the winner of the Art of Neuroscience 2019 competition, a nominee for the Sergei Kuryokhin Prize in the category “Art in public space” as part of the art group 4ZH, and also took part in the research project “From whom it was received and to whom it was released” 5th Ural Industrial Biennale of Contemporary Art ”as part of the“ Digital art ”art group. In addition, in 2019 Marina became a member of the MUTEK.JP AI Music Lab in Tokyo.