Kostya Diachkov

Konstantin Diachkov (1984, Perm, Russia)

Web designer. Media artist.

Currently, he is studying for a master’s degree in “–Da. Digital Art” at Far Eastern Federal University (Vladivostok, Russia). As a media artist, he exhibited at “Technologies of complicity”(Vladivostok, Russia), “Expectation for the new nature” (Mozilla Hub platform), ”Brave World” (Vladivostok, Habarovsk, Russia), “–Da.Field Processing” (Moscow, Russia).

His latest works explore bio-aesthetics through mathematical algorithms. Working with new media Konstantin takes data from flowers, plants and mold and using digital methods generates new senses.

Konstantin is striving for continuous education & professional growth: in 2015-2018 he studied at the British school of design (Moscow, Russia), had a course on typography (Perm, Russia) and a workshop on mobile applications designing at Yandex (Yekaterinburg, Russia).

As a web designer, he prefers to work with startups & non-profit educational, science, cultural organizations, such as Perm State University, the PSU Endowment Fund. He also completed a number of commercial projects.