Eduard Haiman

Eduard Haiman is a multidisciplinary designer who works in fields of urbanism, architecture, art, and software engineering. His activities are aimed at the study and development of data-driven and computational approaches at the intersection of disciplines. In 2010 he found the research and education initiative Branch Point that focused on the computational approach in architectural design.

During his research and education activities, he has been cooperating with many Russian universities as an associate professor, curator, and tutor. Includes curating of architectural courses PRO in MARCH Architecture School to the present, curating a master’s program of Digital Art -Da shortlisted in The Innovation Prize, curating of courses for urban planning and data visualization in Shukhov Lab, a division of the HSE University.

Also, in 2020 he co-founder a Digitocene artistic research movement. In the practical activity, he led the R&D lab focused on new interactive media experiences. He was the co-founder of the studio of digital art Mathrioshka, that commissioned installations to well known global art festivals like Ars Electronica. As a collaborator and individual, he is a participator and awardee in Russian and international competitions in the fields of architecture, graphic design, art, urban planning.

He is a Chief Design Officer and partner of Habidatum. Also, Edward publicly acts as an expert on data-driven urbanism, urban analysis, computational evolution of architecture, parametric and generative architectural design.