Alina Ross

Alina Ross – media artist, graphic designer. In 2019, she graduated from Irkutsk State University with a degree in Applied Informatics. At present, she is a student of the master's program “Digital Art” at the Far Eastern Federal University. She also graduated from the courses “Enhanced Graphic Design” and “Graphic Design PRO Level” from the language school “Easy School”.

She is a participant in the exhibition "Technologies of complicity" FEFU 2020, the exhibition "Waiting for a new nature" FEFU 2020.

She works with light, video projections and AR / VR to give ordinary things additional properties and functions while studying the reaction of a viewer immersed in a digital environment.

Artist statement

As a media artist, I endow everyday things with new features that are alien to them. Using something that, it would seem, is not intended for artistic purposes, I change the meaning of the object. Applying the technologies of light, projection, AR / VR and machine learning, I immerse the viewer in the atmosphere when the stereotype of “expectation - reality” collapses, and then I study his reaction and emotions regarding new, changed “everyday” things.

I try to show and convey to people the various realities of the modern world, from large-scale and global environmental problems to the problems of human-human, human-machine relationships. In my opinion, the reflection of pressing problems through digital art will help humanity realize the full depth of what is happening and change the world around it.