SEAL×2 Connecting Spaces Compilation

“SEAL×2 Connecting Spaces'' is the international compilation of collaborative spatial artworks made by Russian and Swiss experimental musicians and digital artists. The compilation focuses on the connections between spatial music and art scenes of Russia and Switzerland and represents artist activities in times of the pandemic restrictions and social distancing such as online duos, spatial reworks of studio collaborations, virtual re-enactments of multichannel pieces, digital sound installations, art&science projects and many more.

Thanks to the efforts of Boris Shershenkov, Polina Shershenkova, Vadim Smakhtin and Daria Smakhtina managed to combine new technologies with the ideas of the Laboratory and create the SEAL.x2 label, which will produce not only sound works, but also spaces for shared listening of them.

You can listen to the first work by Ilya Belorukov, Gaudenz Badrutt, Evgeny Lukuta, Anastasia Lukuta and Marina Muzyka on the link:

The compilation is the part of the Pro Helvetia FastForwART program for supporting the new formats of cultural exchange.

Curator: Boris Shershenkov
Participants: Gaudenz Badrutt, Tobias Reber, Loic Grobety, Christian Kobi, Olga Kokcharova, Christian Muller, Ilia Belorukov, Daria Goffman, Grigory Kirgizov, Vlad Kononkov, Sergey Kostyrko, Dmitry Krotevich, Anastasia and Evgeny Lukuta, Marina Muzyka, Elena Romenkova, Alexander Serechenko & Ekaterina Pryanichnikova, Daria Smakhtina and others