Exhibition The Wonderful World - Khabarovsk


Last week –Digitocene.net participants, as well as graduates and second year students of the master's program of the -Da Far Eastern Federal University - Anastasia Egorova, Anastasia Lukuta, Vlad Kononkov, Konstantin Dyachkov, Polina Aleshenko and Ekaterina Pryanichnikova - were taking part in the exhibition The Wonderful World in Artservatory in Khabarovsk. We got an opportunity follow the Far Eastern context under the supervision of the outstanding curator Yuliya Klimko.

Through the prism of synthetic ecology, the exhibition raises questions about the influence of new genetic mutations, prompts us to think about the role of man in a world full of representatives of non-human agents. The exhibition focuses on the Far East region, known for its biodiversity and ancient geological history. In the plane of cooperation between nature, scientists and artists, a dialogue arises, within the framework of which a narrative is built about the incredible versatility of the surrounding world as well as the trajectory of its transformation.

We would especially acknowledge the participation of Alexander Kagansky (@kaganel), our close friend and amazing scientist. His interests, discoveries, as well as studies of the biodiversity of the Far Eastern region, permeate the entire atmosphere of the exhibition.

The Brave World international exhibition project is being implemented by the FEFU Art Museum, the winner of the Museum 4.0 competition of the Museum Without Borders charity program of the Vladimir Potanin Charitable Foundation.

Curator: Julia Klimko (@yuliya_klimko )