Discussion "Technology, Science and Art" at ITMO

Tomorrow, the 24th of March at 15:00 we are organising discussion "Technology, Science and Art" at ITMO University (itmotech) in St-Petersburg.

The discussion will reveal creative concepts that are born at the intersection of technology, science and art. What role does technology play in today's artistic context? How can we shape new sustainable solutions and environmental concepts at the intersection of science and art? How can we create new types of human-environment interaction through technology? Can technology be ecological? - these questions will be raised in the discussion by lecturers - interdisciplinary researchers and artists Vlad Kononkov, Marina Muzyka, Anastasia Lukuta, Daria Goffman and Evgeny Lukuta.

You can join the discussion online here: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC31e3rn5dq17Q41jseSzpwQ

image by Vlad Kononkov, "Beluga Distancing"