Digitocene Net on Digital Futures festival

Team Digitocene will be showcasing four large free masterclasses at DigitalFUTURES this summer.

DigitalFUTURES is an entirely free online summer festival, consisting of Workshops, a Digital Consortium of lectures, Conference, Keynote talks, and Awards.

DigitalFUTURES advocates for education as a human right, by appealing to the generosity of each instructor by donating their time. The planning of InclusiveFUTURES will generate more opportunities for access, equity, and the spread of knowledge.

DigitalFUTURES brings together a new generation of talent from around the world. This year's series of events will feature over 100 workshops operating in more than 10 different languages.

Digitocene Workshops:

Jun 26 - Jun 30

Maria Kuptsova, Vadim Smakhtin and Laura Rodriguez will hold a seminar “Digital Leaves”

During the workshop, you will be building such bridges of connectivity, translating information and aesthetics from one medium to another, transcending the boundaries of fields and disciplines. The workshop will start from a biological experiment which data later will be used to build virtual representations or hallucinated visions of this experiment. At the last stage, such visions will be converted into virtual space which all participants of the workshop can visit and interact with.

Language: English

More: https://www.digitalfutures.world/workshops/66.html

Jun 26 - Jun 30

Daria Smakhtina will hold a seminar “Space as a Story”

During the workshop participants will learn how to use virtual reality spaces as storytelling machines. The technical part of the workshop would cover the instruments and possible workflows for producing the virtual space. Participants would learn how to prepare assets in Blender or Rhino (Grasshopper) and how to export them. We would show the process of creating a virtual space for Mozilla Hubs using Spoke. As a final result, participants will create virtual spaces in Mozilla Hubs that will tell their own story through a set of spatial interactions.

Language: English

More: https://www.digitalfutures.world/workshops/62.html

Jun 26 - Jul 3

Maria Kuptsova will hold a seminar “Synthetic Intelligence”

“Synthetic Intelligence” workshop questions the role of synthetic forms of cognition within the design process in order to shape a new aesthetic value system. You will use computational methods to analyze patterns in historical culture in the available digitized archives in order to form a new aesthetic value system through coding and drawing. Final outcome of the seminar will consist of a catalog of GAN-generated drawings and videos, which will aim to open up new techniques within the design process.

Language: English

More: https://www.digitalfutures.world/workshops/83.html

Jun 27 - Jun 30

Marina Muzyka, Anastasia Lukuta, Evgeny Lukuta and Daria Goffman will hold a seminar “Beyond Matter”

The “Beyond Matter” workshop is aimed at studying the post-Soviet territories, exploring the identity of landscapes on a planetary scale using virtual reality as a method of interacting with digital and analog spaces. Workshop work implies team interaction of the participants. Each group will work on a part of the overall project, developing a specific model in the digital environment of Mozilla Hubs. At the end of the course of intensive practices aimed at exploring digital and physical spaces, a virtual exhibition with the results of artistic rethinking will be opened. As a result, participants will gain the necessary knowledge in the field of procedural generation, test 360-degree panoramic shooting, methods of scanning physical objects with improvised means, technologies for their processing and optimization for a web interface, conduct a number of participatory practices, including collective filling of the information environment and methods of cross-platform communication.

Language: Russian

More: https://www.digitalfutures.world/workshops/56.html

Jun 27 - Jul 1

Eduard Haiman and Katya Larina "Architecture of time-based data sculptures"

We are planning to experiment with the AI mapping technique, which would allow us to escape the traditional ‘snapshot perception’ of the territories we live in.
We will transform the traditional sequence of maps and satellite imagery into an intelligent device that would communicate to us the dynamics of the territories - processes of their growth, evolution and deterioration. Using the AI capacity, we will layer the satellite data to extract these hidden dynamics and visualise them as 3 and 4-dimensional forms.

The workshop's outcome will be a collection of 3-dimensional data sculptures represented in images, animations and models for 3d printing.

Language: Russian

More: https://www.digitalfutures.world/workshops/59.html