–Digitocene.Net at crytpt0rave


On the 20th of March –Digitocene.Net crew was taking part in the crypt0rave festival. We were absolutely happy to present some of our visual and sound works, as well as to celebrate this beautiful night of a spring equinox in such a great company of super talented people who were organising, performing or visiting crypt0rave. Special thanks to Xenia Lotus for organising this fantastic event and for inviting us!

“Floating points” by 873hz (Andrey Chugunov). An audiovisual live “floating points” is inspired by the meditative nature of the processes of convergence and subsequent merging of two neutron stars.

WNMP (Vadim Smakhtin) is playing at the main stage. Visuals by Vlad Kononkov.
Kryptogen Rundfunk. Visuals by Eduard Haiman with Ksenia Nam and Maria Kortiashvili (Namkor studio)
Svetlo111. Visuals by Polina Aleshchenko (Polyverse)
Ухушуху. Visuals by Marina Muzyka (muzyka)
Visuals by Vlad Kononkov
–Digitocene.Net is talking at Crypt0rave

Stay tuned for the Crypt0rave 3.0 "Думай как лес" which will take place on the 2-4th of July 2021. We are preparing a new program. More info can be found here: