This Saturday the 20th of March we will be taking part in the crypt0rave festival in St-Petersburg with several live performances, visual coolness, VJ and DJ sets! Crypt0rave is a transdisciplinary festival of experimental sound, free technologies and new aesthetics of media arts. Three stages of the festival will present an amazing lineup of sound and VJ artists, as well as will host a list of workshops, live performances, discussions and deep dancing vibes all nigh long, where you will surely find us:

  • Marina Muzyka (muzyka), Polina Aleshchenko (Polyverse), Vlad Kononkov, Daria Goffman, Evgeniy Lukuta, Anastasia Lukuta, Eduard Haiman, Maria Kuptsova and Anastasia Egorova will be live on Main and Goole stages VJing and presenting their art projects;
  • Vadim Smakhtin (wnmp) will be playing at the main stage at 5am;
  • Art group pt9 will present a cut from the audiovisual live RI, developed during the MUTEK.JP AI Music Lab in Tokyo. The idea behind live is a recursive process of generating graphics and sound in real time based on data from hidden layers of a neural network.
  • Andrey Chugunov (873hz) will perform an audiovisual live “floating points”, which is inspired by the meditative nature of the processes of convergence and subsequent merging of two neutron stars.

Many thanks to the soul and the genius of the festival - Xenia Lotus for inviting us!

More info can be found here:

Tickets for the donates are here:
don't be greedy ;)

ШУМИДИЗАМНОЙ! Join us for some noise!